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Like all disciplines where information is shared and work contributes to their advancement, cuisine should be no different. The kitchen is our life, and we are available to share. We want to share our work so that future generations can cook and create a more efficient, easy and unquestionable quality.

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Who We Are

With decades of combined experience in the hospitality industry, Creative Cuisine Brokers offers a unique partnership to specialty food service and retail manufacturers throughout the regions of Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware Valley and the Upper Chesapeake. 

We dedicate our careers to providing the highest level of brand recognition, while offering consultation to promote growth of our product lines. Each manufacturer receives daily attention that tends to be lost in the modern climate of food marketing. 

Our team is in constant pursuit to strengthen relationships with culinary operators and offer extraordinary service for menu development. We remain focused on the ever-changing industry trends so that our approach to market remains relevant and effective. 

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Manufacturer Services

  • Food Service & Retail Representation

  • Distributor Relations

  • Trade Show Operations

  • Product Demos

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Research and Development Consultation

  • Industry Analysis

  • Brand Promotion: Street-level & Digital

  • Supply Chain Guidance

  • Marketing Strategies


Restaurant Services

  • Menu Development

  • Product Demonstration

  • Costing Consultation 

  • Supplier Relations

  • Customer Service Support

  • In-person Sample Delivery

  • Execution Advice

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Market Segments

Our Advantage

  • Relationships with more than 100 broad-line and independent distributor accounts. 

  • Independent Re-Distribution

  • Regional Chain Accounts

  • Independent Retail (Single and Multi-Unit)

  • Education: University and K-12 Operations

  • Contract Management Groups

  • Catering

  • Amusement Parks & Concessions

  • Italian/ Pizza

  • White Tablecloth

  • Craft Breweries

  • Asian/Oriental Dining 

  • Fast Casual & QSR

  • Hotels

  • C-Store

  • Online Retailers

  • Home Shopping Networks